Natural Products Shopping

Natural Products Shopping acts as an online retail fulfillment coordinator providing customized retail order processing, customer care and fulfillment services for Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors in the Natural Products industry...

  • Consumers prefer to purchase directly from a manufacturer's website when given the choice. The level of trust is higher when dealing with the source. Let us help you give your loyal consumers the quality online experience they expect.

  • Funnel all the consumers that visit your site through one dedicated shopping cart. Build an email list of online customers, a tangible company asset that is used to keep your brand fresh on consumers minds via special email offers and newsletters.   A very popular and effective program feature.
  • Receive valuable sales reports showing online purchasing patterns by state and zip code. Compare with brick and mortar reports to reveal areas needing additional coverage.
  • A large proportion of the visitors to your website are likely to be retail consumers. Providing a readily available option for these consumers to make the impulse purchase eliminates frustration and improves brand loyalty.

  • Breaking up case lots to ship small retail orders can disrupt a manufacturer's operational flow, and requires additional considerations in human resources and warehouse logistics. A growing trend among manufacturers is to partner with third party fulfillment houses where quicker and more efficient service can be provided.

  • In addition to the warehouse challenges, there are also customer service and support issues including handling all the retail email and phone inquiries, subsequent follow up communications, and order processing.

  • We can handle all the details and operation of your shopping cart and order fulfillment process. All retail email and phone inquiries are handled by Lotus Light DBA We process and fulfill retail orders promptly and efficiently from our strategically located warehouse in Southern Wisconsin.

  • We stock additional inventory for vendors participating in this program, virtually eliminating out of stock issues. We process retail orders promptly and generally ship within one business day.

  • We also handle all retail payment and credit card issues, product returns, and customer care issues.

  • Our customer service representatives are highly trained and knowledgeable on all the products we carry. We provide customer care and support for hundreds of Natural Products vendor lines, fulfilling retail orders for over 50 online retail stores and hundreds of wholesale accounts.

  • Natural Products Shopping vendors benefit from Lotus Light's ability to provide fast and friendly service. We maintain an exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty

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